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 Priscilla Bright

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Priscilla Bright

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PostSubject: Priscilla Bright   Wed Jun 25, 2008 10:54 pm

First Name: Priscilla
Last Name: Bright
Heritage: Pureblood
Nationality: English
Spoken Languages: English, Hungarian
Place of Birth: London
Position: Student
Age/Date of Birth: 15 years old / 05.04.1993


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Redish brown
Height: Average
General Appearance: Nothing special, she has freckles
Dressing Style: She could wear almost everything... almost. She doesn't like those army-suits D and pink-things. She has all kinds of clothes.


General Character Traits:

Likes: Her sisters, learning languages, being evil^^
Dislikes: if she must do something she doesn't want to

Personal History:

Spouse: well... :$
Parents: Blonde-Horsy Susan, Emil Bright
Siblings: Two sisters (6 and 5 years old)
Background Story: later pls!!!

Minor Details:

Strong Area of Magic: Potions, Divination, Ancient Runes
Weak Area of Magic: Care of Magical Creatures
Pets: She likes them... but only to kill wahahaha
Wand: Ebony, 14 inches, dragon heartstring
Are You A Native English Speaker?: no XD

RP response(Show us what you've got!):
later. pls.
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Priscilla Bright
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